Professional Ag pilot looking for a seat

Posted by Jose Perez Estrada
Phone +237664853782
Category Job
Posted on 2017-06-03

Cap. José Manuel Perez
Country: Costa Rica
Age 44
Costarricense commercial license airplane
United States commercial license helicopter
Camerun commercial license airplane
Total hours: 6190
Pic: 5953
Crop dusting: 5696
Turbine : 5449
Equipment flow: Cessna 172xp, Navajo PA-325, PA-340,
BL-30, PT-17, G-164, B47G3 , S2R-T34AG, At-502, At-504

Gps experience on SATLOC G4 and G3, Ag Nav, del Norte
Idiomas: Spanish, English and French.


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