2020 Membership Dues

The undersigned hereby applies for an Aerial Applicator's Association membership on March 31, 2020.

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Annual Due Type

Provincial Membership

You may purchase one or more provincial memberships. At least one provincial membership is required for all non-Allied memberships. All provincial membership prices displayed below include tax.

Alberta Aerial Applicators Association

  • Saskatchewan Aerial Applicators Association

  • Manitoba Aerial Applicators Association

  • ECC

  • The Benefits of CAAA Membership

    The CAAA membership is an optional but highly recommended purchase. Benefits include:

    1. Government representation on regulations impacting aerial applicators in Canada.
    2. Industry and partnership collaboration in all areas of aerial application.
    3. Annual Conference and Trade Show providing education on new product development, research, governmental regulations and industry trends.
    4. License re-certification credit courses.
    5. Guidelines for members and improved public perception through a Code of Ethics.
    6. Best practices for pollinators.
    7. Association website providing on-line training, current industry and association information, event listing, downloadable forms, membership directory and how to become an aerial applicator.
    8. National hull insurance program.
    9. Business Survey to provide valuable industry specific information to assist participants with future management decisions.
    10. Self-Audit program to provide operators with a checklist of regulatory requirements.
    11. Misapplication Insurance program.
    12. Current information regarding the aerial application industry and association provided in the quarterly newsletter.
    13. Annual Membership Directory distributed throughout the industry.
    14. Annual planner providing important dates throughout the year.
    15. Access to a Members’ Only page on the CAAA website which has a variety of information and programs to assist operator and pilot members.

    Canadian Aerial Applicators Association

    If you chose an Operator, Allied or Individual membership from one of the above provincial memberships, please choose that same level of CAAA membership.

    CAAA membership prices listed below do not include tax.

    1. Member Information

      If you selected an operator membership, ensure the following information is that of the company.

    2. Pesticide License Held In

    2020 Membership Directory Information Form


      Provincial memberships include the following number of representatives:

      • - AAAA membership: Two (2) representatives included. Additional representatives may be added for $262.60/representative.
      • - SAAA membership: One (1) representative included. Additional representatives may be added for $115.50/representative.
      • - MAAA membership: One (1) representative included. Additional representatives may be added for $100.00/representative.
      • - ECC membership: additional representatives may be added for $25.00/representative.

      Your selected provincial memberships requires representatives.


      Your selected provincial memberships includes planes.

      • - AAAA Operator membership: additional planes may be added for $105.00/plane.
      • - MAAA Operator membership: additional planes may be added for $75.00/plane.

    AgAir Update

    The AgAir Update is an optional purchase for $36.75.

      * All MAAA members will receive a complimentary copy at no additional cost.

    Fair Information Policy

    Pursuant to the Fair Information Policy ensuring confidentiality of information, I understand that my application will be kept confidential, excepting only necessary public information limited to my name, years of membership in the association, business address, business communications numbers and email address. I further understand by submitting this form I have agreed to have my information published in the CAAA directory and on the CAAA website.