Airplane & Helicopter Ag-Pilot high experienced

Posted by Luis Urrutia Martin
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Posted on 2018-03-11

My name is Luis Urrutia, 45 year old, +7,000 flight hours on ag spraying, mostly AT602, and also very well experienced on AT502 & Thrush 510P for banana & sugar cane fields spraying since 1999, Ag Pilot on helicopters also, airline transport pilot on FAA and ICAO, +13,000 flight hours in total.
Satloc Bantam and G4 operator, flow control and inteliflow operator.
FAA & OACI current 1st class medicals
Never had an accident
I don’t have Canadian working permits but will love to begin any process to become eligible.
I’m open to move to a place with my wife and kids in order to settle down and get a long term working relationship.
Certainly a family person, good maners and good worker, no drugs or alcohol issues ever.
Thanks for your kindly attention
My best regards.

Luis Urrutia
+502 30321302
Central America

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