Complete Education and Training Program for Non-Pilots in Air Spraying Industry

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Posted on 2019-04-01

Complete Education and Training Program for Non-Pilots in
Air Spraying Industry

Stay ahead of inspections and have confidence in your non-pilot staff with an organized, comprehensive, and condensed training program. Make initial and recurrent training a streamlined process with fresh resource materials, checklists for practical training, and professional record keeping. This program covers requirements set forth by Transport Canada TDG and Civil Aviation, Occupational Health & Safety, Health Canada, SK Ministry of Ag and more.

Program Administration Guide

This guide is for you. Employer requirements are boiled down to less than 15 pages. Each piece has been pulled from and checked against all of the regulatory bodies that govern the aerial application industry. Fly through simple steps to make sure you stay organized and delegate responsibilities for training.

• Pesticide 180 PLAR – Ground Crew Licensing
• OH&S
• Emergency Planning
• First Aid
• Your (or your delegated trainer’s) to-do list for the education & training portions of the program
• Exam/Quiz Answers
• Update and Review

Education Manual

If you’ve ever handed a stack of photocopied material from five different sources to a new employee you might appreciate this simple and condensed manual. It’s easy to read, can be distributed via hard copy or electronically, and is 89 pages long. It includes pictures, source links, quizzes, and is branded with your company name and logo. It covers the educational portion of training required.

• Minimum Standards
• Workplace Violence
• Emergency Response Plan
• Fire Extinguisher Safety
• Provisions for First Aid & Preparedness
• Workplace Hazard Analysis & Safe Work Practices specific to aviation and aerial application
• Hazardous Substance Training (Aircraft Maintenance)
• Hazardous Substance Training (Chemical Loaders)
• Poisoning Symptoms in Crop Care Materials (Chemical Loaders)
• Storage of Pesticides
• Communication via Radio
• Human Factors
• Appendix – Hazardous Materials Lists
• Appendix – Safety Item Locations

Training Syllabus

Includes checklists for everything you need to have a record of for hands-on & practical training. Includes basic common-sense items that you simply need to have a record of for inspections as well as more in-depth procedures. Be confident your employees understand their training and rest assured your records will satisfy any inspection.
• Workplace Health & Safety
• Aircraft Fueling and Servicing
• Business of Aerial Application
• Aircraft Servicing and Maintenance
• Equipment and Tooling
• Mixing Chemical Products / Loading Aircraft
• Aerial Application Work Orders
• Record Keeping
• Time Management
• Receive / Store Chemical
• Public & Customer Communications

Occupational Health & Safety

You may choose to delegate someone to representative & inspector positions.
• Training links to certify your representatives role(s)
• All sections are broken down into checklists that include what to look at, what to look for, when to inspect, how to record & report concerns, and record action taken.
• Checklists: facility, first aid items & locations, equipment & tools, employee training, emergency management, and an annual internal audit.
• Schedule: all items are arranged into a simple schedule so you know nothing will be missed
• Electronic Library of common SDS sheets for our industry

Don’t get grounded. Give your employees the confidence to succeed and work safely in your business. Get in touch and let’s see about satisfying inspectors so you can get back to spraying!

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